People who got rich on accidental finds

In 1992, Eric Lous, an amateur treasure hunter from Suffolk County, UK, was approached by a local farmer. He explained that he had lost a hammer somewhere in the field. And Laus had a metal detector, which was pretty rare at the time. Soon they forgot about the hammer, as they found something more valuable - a treasure from the era of the Roman Empire. There were 565 gold coins in the ground, more than 14, 000 silver coins, as well as a lot of jewelry. According to the laws of Great Britain, the treasures are transferred to the state, and the monetary equivalent is paid to the finder. The find was estimated at £ 1, 750, 000.

American Michael Sparks loved to wander through the thrift stores of his native Nashville in search of antiques. At one of the flea markets, he acquired an old candlestick and a yellowed copy of the US Declaration of Independence. True, at home, Michael carefully examined the paper sheet and began to doubt that it was a copy. The examination showed that the document is indeed a copy. True, 200 of these copies were issued in 1820 with the signature of Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, who later became President of the United States. 35 copies have survived to this day, and this one turned out to be the 36th. The document was sold at auction for $ 477, 650.

Even more fortunate is Tony Maron, also a resident of the United States. He bought a box of old papers at a flea market. I paid only $ 5. Among the securities were shares of some oil company, which later merged with the Coca-Cola company. Maron found out that at present these securities provide an opportunity to exchange them for Coca-Cola shares. Tony became the largest individual shareholder in the company with $ 130 million worth of shares.

Bernice Kalego, a 72-year-old retiree from California, decided to clean up her home. Among the piles of rubbish, the old woman discovered an old photograph of a baseball team. It should be noted that this sport is extremely popular in the United States, therefore, Bernice decided to earn a few dollars and put the find up for auction on the Internet. She could not even imagine what kind of photo the real "massacre" would begin. The final price is over $ 75, 000. The photo was taken in 1869.

But Radivoe Lajich from Bosnia assures that money is literally falling from the sky on him. Since 2007, meteorites have bombarded his home. This has happened 6 times already. One of these "gifts" Laiich sold profitably to one of the universities in Holland. True, he disposed of the money in a practical way: he strengthened the roof of the house with steel sheets.

All of the cases described above occurred outside our country. But, there is no need to be upset, and in Russia there are people who were able to make good money on random finds. Most recently, in the fall of 2017, a local resident contacted the police of the city of Yakutsk, who said that he had accidentally found a whole arsenal of hunting cartridges in the forest. There were more than 47, 000 of them. For concealing such finds, an article threatens, but for voluntary surrender - a reward. As a result, the man received an amount of 715, 750 rubles.

It turns out that the treasure can also be found in an ordinary piggy bank. In 2009, one of the residents of our country, who wished to remain anonymous, found in his piggy bank an ordinary 5-ruble coin, issued in 1999. Surprisingly, such a coin turned out to be the only one in our country. The rarity was sold for 250, 000 rubles. True, many numismatists claim that this is just a fake, the mint could not issue a coin in one copy. This five-ruble note remains the most mysterious coin of the new Russia.