Unemployed Irishman built a house out of banknotes

An unemployed artist from Ireland, Frank Buckley, built himself a house in Dublin, which cost a very modest amount - only 1.4 million euros. Almost one and a half billion! Where did the humble artist get such an enormous amount of money? It's very simple - the money was allocated to him by the Central Bank of Ireland. At the same time, Frank did not have to get into a long-term loan, the money went to him for nothing. After all, these bills were being recycled.

The idea to build such a house came to the artist quite by accident; he was working on a painting for which he used shredded banknotes. He was allowed to take this material at the local Mint, because the bills were finely cut and had no payment ability. On the floor of Buckley's studio were sawdust, which had once been a hefty sum of money. It was then that it dawned on him - the recycled money can be used not only to create paintings, but also as a building material! He decided to build himself a house out of money that is no longer worth anything.

For permission, Frank Buckley turned to the Central Bank of Ireland, where the original ideb was appreciated and the poor artist was issued a special permit, according to which he could receive recycled bills at the Mint. From this money supply, Frank began to make small bricks measuring 5 by 15 centimeters. And the construction has begun!

For the construction were used the former banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 100 and 200 euros. The total amount, as mentioned above, is one billion four hundred million euros. Each brick took about 50, 000 euros.

Gradually, the waste of money turned into a cozy house, consisting of a bedroom, living room and bath. In the house, not only walls, but also floors are made of pressed bills. Frank Buckley himself assures that the housing turned out to be unusually warm, you can sleep in it without a blanket even in severe winters. The artist jokes that the euro can be criticized and praised, but its insulating properties are excellent. He also thinks that the house has turned out to be cramped, and in the future he plans to add a kitchen and a hall. Naturally, for them the building material will be the same.

Frank Buckley calls his building - a monument "Madness". The fact is that his house is located in the downtown Dublin. A few years ago, numerous offices were built here, most of which are empty - the country is in a crisis. People invested billions in construction, but were left with nothing. “I wanted to make at least something useful out of nothing, ” Frank jokes bitterly.

By the way, not only Frank built his house from original material. There are many such eccentrics in the world. For example, Miroslav Svoboda from South Moravia (Czech Republic) built his house from wine corks. He collected them for many years, but 180, 000 pieces were required for the construction. One of the local winemakers helped by highlighting the missing amount. The house turned out to be beautiful and warm - the bark of the cork tree perfectly retains heat. The unusual house not only pleases the owner, but also attracts tourists.