Valuables that ended up in a landfill

Robert Pot, the owner of a small garbage collection company in the German city of Wuppertal, decided one day to open an unusual museum, in which, as exhibits, interesting things that have ended up in garbage containers will be exhibited. Now visitors to this museum are surprised to see ancient manuscripts, jewelry, valuable paintings and other antiques, which were simply sent to the landfill. The owner of the museum, with the characteristic name "Treasures from the Trash Bin", does not complain about the lack of visitors.

It is interesting that such a museum exists in our country as well. In 2010, at the Novokuznetsk waste recycling plant, the Museum of Finds was opened, which receives interesting exhibits found in garbage containers.

Massachusetts mechanic Kevin Donovan had a passion for instant lottery tickets. He himself admitted that he spent thousands of dollars a year on them. One of the unfortunate days he bought 50 pieces at once, erased the protective layer and discarded them in the trash in disappointment. He was let down by his inattention - one of the tickets had a prize of $ 1, 000, 000. Apparently, Kevin was confused by so many zeros and decided that the ticket was no-win. After a while, the ticket was picked up by an 83-year-old pensioner. The whole state of Massachusetts, including Kevin Donovan, soon learned about such luck. True, it was not possible to prove that it was he who bought the ticket, even in court. The failure severely undermined Donovan's health, two months later he died.

An Israeli woman rushed to the landfill and began begging workers to find the mattress she had thrown away the day before. It all started with the fact that the woman decided to give her mother a gift - a new mattress. But the old one, without the permission of the parent, was sent to the trash to make a surprise. When the old woman saw the "gift", she was seized with horror - it turned out that she kept all her savings in the old mattress. It was not possible to find the mattress; it was buried in a pile of rubbish. In the same Israel, teenagers, collecting firewood for a fire, found more than $ 30, 000 in an old nightstand. Probably, someone also considered this bedside table a reliable "safe".

A resident of the city of Newport in Wales, James Howells, in 2013 accidentally threw out a hard drive from a broken laptop, on which 7, 5 thousand bitcoins were stored. At that time, the cryptocurrency rate was about $ 1242, and Howells had $ 9.3 million.

Several years ago, the weekly "Argumenty i Fakty" published an article about Arkady Konstantinov, associate professor of the university. In addition to his main job, he also has a hobby - searching for antiques in landfills. Konstantinov assures that such finds happen that even museums can envy - 19th century furniture, musical instruments, Christmas tree decorations from the time of tsarist Russia.

By the way, about musical instruments. One day an American found an old violin in a junkyard. He decided to sell it to collectors and use the proceeds to buy a new violin for his wife. But it turned out that the dump violin itself can be a wonderful gift. Experts have named its approximate cost - about $ 50, 000. The instrument was made in the nineteenth century by the famous Italian master Giuseppe Pedrazini.

In the eighties, sales of shredders - machines for shredding paper - increased dramatically in the United States. The thing is that in 1988 the country's Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution does not prohibit digging in garbage if it is outside of someone's possession. Fans of digging into the container could now keep the finds for themselves with a clear conscience, but many companies try to destroy documents with the help of shredders so that unwanted information does not fall into the wrong hands.