Interesting facts about safes

The French king Louis XVI made his own safe for storing secret papers. He built it into the wall, supplying locks with secrets, by the way, also of his own production. But even the safe did not help save the king's life - on January 21, 1793, he was beheaded by the decision of the Convention. Ascending the scaffold, the monarch uttered the last words in his life: "I forgive everyone who is guilty of my death."

Safes became widespread in the 18th century in England, where the rapid growth of industry began. Wealthy entrepreneurs began to think about the question - where to store their wealth? A kind of race begins, in which, on the one hand, the manufacturers of safes participated, and on the other, those who tried to open them. As practice has shown, any, even the most cunning safe, eventually someone will be able to crack.

In 1827, Thomas Milner started the production of fireproof safes. They were sheathed with iron sheets, and inside there was a layer of non-combustible substance. But, uniform standards for such safes appeared much later - in 1917.

In 1862 the Eureka combination lock was patented in the USA. The total number of letters and numbers on it allows for 1, 073, 741, 824 different combinations. To go through all of them, a person simply does not have enough life.

The famous German fashion designer and designer Karl Lagerfeld is also involved in the manufacture of safes. True, not everyone can order them. During his life, Karl made about three dozen safes, the most expensive of which costs $ 336, 000. Perhaps this hobby for Lagerfeld is hereditary - he was born into a wealthy family, his father held a respectable position in one of the banks.

An unusual security for his safe was chosen by the manager of one of the banks in the city of Kuala Lampur (Malaysia). The values ​​in it were guarded by a snake that knew its owner well, but was very aggressive towards everyone else. It all ended tragically: the snake bit the secretary, and one of the bank employees, taking advantage of the turmoil, stole $ 20, 000 from the safe.

In the late 1990s, an accountant at a Baptist seminary was sorting out mountains of old papers in a safe. Suddenly, his attention was attracted by the manuscripts with musical notes. As experts later established, they once belonged to Mozart, Strauss and other famous composers. Many years ago valuable manuscripts were donated to seminaries, where they were safely forgotten. The total value of the finds exceeded one million dollars.

Relatives of an elderly woman in the United States, who passed away several years ago, at first did not even pay attention to the old metal box in the garage. But, then we decided to look - what is stored inside. It turned out that the safe contained real treasures - two bags of coins of different years and denominations, a collection of valuable coins of the 19th century, and even a rifle with all the necessary documents for ownership. Apparently, the grandmother was very afraid for her jewelry.

However, safes can also cause a tragedy. A huge number of cases have been recorded when small children climbed into them and suffocated, unable to get out.