Interesting facts about the game "Monopoly"

The game "Monopoly" appeared in the United States at a difficult time - in the early thirties of the last century. At this time, the country was going through a terrible crisis, which was not for nothing called the "Great Depression". Charles Darrow of Pennsylvania found himself unemployed and struggling to find odd jobs. But, I did not lose hope of getting rich. For a start, at least in the game.

It was then that he came up with the idea to develop a game in which a person can, albeit virtually, become the owner of "factories, newspapers, ships." The idea captured Charles so much that he immediately began to draw a diagram right on the tablecloth. For this, his wife hurt him hard, the tablecloth was ruined, and there was no extra money in the family to afford such waste.

But, Charles Darrow invited his wife to play a game they had just invented. I even drew "dollars" for this, so that there was something to make purchases. Charles and his wife were so fascinated by the game that they decided to launch Monopoly into mass production. And for this money was needed.

Charles offered to organize mass production of the Parker Brothers company, which, however, refused: who needs painted dollars and enterprises existing only on paper in a poverty-stricken country? Charles did not lose heart, and decided to act on his own.

He started making prints of this game and offering them to shops. The result surpassed the wildest dreams: the game became so popular that Parker Brothers quickly caught on and bought from Darrow the right to manufacture and sell the game Monopoly, thanks to which millions of Americans became millionaires, even if not real ones.

But the inventor himself, indeed, became a very wealthy person who received quite real money for his idea. He is the first millionaire to make his fortune in board games. And where there is a lot of money, there are envious people who want to get their share. Many lawsuits have been filed with the courts. In particular, a certain Elizabeth Magie-Phillips said that long before the advent of Monopoly, she patented the Landowner Game, and Darrow simply stole the idea from her.

However, the court did not find any signs of plagiarism in Monopoly, therefore, all plaintiffs were denied. And the game itself has become popular not only in the United States, but all over the world. Including in the Soviet Union. True, it was impossible to buy "bourgeois" fun in Soviet stores, therefore, "Monopoly" was made independently or purchased a set released illegally.

The inventor of Monopoly, Charles, passed away in 1967 in his home state of Pennsylvania. At that moment he was 78 years old.

At the moment, about 275 million sets of "Monopoly" have been sold all over the world. Since the seventies, even international competitions have been held with very solid prize pools.

San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobel made the Monopoly from gold and diamonds in 1982. The cost of such a set was $ 2, 000, 000.