All Soviet children watched "Good night, kids".

The idea to release a TV show for children came from the chief editor of programs for children and youth Valentina Fedorova after visiting the GDR, where she saw a cartoon about a sand man.

The first episodes were in the form of pictures with voiceover. But over time, the type of transfer has changed somewhat. In it, most of the time was occupied by a cartoon, before which there was an interlude with the participation of leading and popular characters - Fili, Khryusha and Stepashka. This trinity was invented by the editor of the children's editorial office Vladimir Shinkarev.

The first actor to voice Filya was Grigory Tolchinsky. He liked to joke: “I’ll retire and publish the book“ Twenty Years Under Aunt Vali's Skirt ”. Fili's voice today is actor Sergei Grigoriev.

Piggy spoke in the voice of the oldest program worker Natalia Derzhavina. We can say that she devoted her life to her beloved pig. And the actress's house was literally littered with toy pigs - gifts from friends and spectators. After Natalya Derzhavina died, Piggy began to speak in the voice of Oksana Chabanyuk.

For a very long time they could not find an actress for the role of Karkusha. Many actresses who auditioned for the role were never able to get used to the image of a funny crow until Gertruda Sufimova came to Good Night. And it was already impossible to imagine Karkusha different. ... When in 1998, at the age of 72, the actress died, the crow settled on the hand of the actress Galina Marchenko.

Stepashka is voiced by Natalia Golubentseva. The actress got used to Stepashka so much that she pasted a photo together with him into her certificate of the honored artist.

The first splash screen, which appeared in 1964, was black and white. The splash screen depicted a clock with moving hands. Then the program did not have a constant release time, and the author of the screensaver, artist Irina Vlasova, set the time anew each time. In the late 1970s, the screensaver became colored. Together with the headpiece, the lullaby "Tired Toys Sleep", which appeared in 1963, was performed.

In 1982, a splash screen was made in the form of a plasticine cartoon.

The music for it was written by the composer Arkady Ostrovsky, the lyrics by the poetess Zoya Petrova, and the lullaby was performed by Oleg Anofriev, a little later by Valentina Tolkunova.

Nina Kondratova became the first announcer of the only children's program at that time. Then there were more presenters: Valentina Leontyeva (aunt Valya), Vladimir Ukhin (uncle Volodya), Svetlana Zhiltsova, Tatyana Vedeneeva (aunt Tanya), Angelina Vovk (aunt Lina), Tatyana Sudets (aunt Tanya), Yuri Grigoriev (uncle Yura), Yuri Nikolaev (uncle Yura), Yulia Pustovoitova, Dmitry Khaustov. Currently, the presenters are: actress Anna Mikhalkova, TV presenter Oksana Fedorova, actor Viktor Bychkov.

From 1994 to the present, the program has been produced by the KLASS! TV company.

In 1999, the program did not go out, since they did not find a place for it in the broadcast grid, instead of it the detective television series "Deadly Force" was broadcast.

Program "Good night, kids!" three times became a laureate of the TEFI television award (in 1997, 2002 and 2003) in the nomination "Best Children's Program".

The program claims a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest children's program in the world.