Why a T-shirt with harnesses is called an alcoholic

T-shirt-alcoholic is a popular name. As a rule, under the USSR, such a T-shirt was an essential attribute of an alcoholic. In childhood, each of us, perhaps, was some kind of almost caricature drunk who for some reason did not directly climb out of this T-shirt.

But here's what's interesting. In American English, this work of fashion sounds like wife beater, which literally can be translated as a man who beats his wife. Not all Americans can answer the question "why exactly this way".

It turns out that in 1947, Detroit police arrested a man named James Hartford, who beat his wife to death. The case was so shocking that local TV channels constantly talked about him and for a long time broadcast a photo of James at the time of his arrest and, as you might have guessed, he was wearing that very white sleeveless T-shirt. So associations with photography gave birth to a new concept that successfully took root.

The first to appear on the stage in the famous "drunkard" was Marlon Brando in the movie "A Streetcar Named Desire", after which she was no longer associated with underwear. Then James Dean appeared in Rebel Without a Cause in a similarly torn alcoholic, and she became an indispensable attribute of local sex symbols.

A few years later, Giorgio Armani generally declared that "the white T-shirt is the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet." Kate Moss felt the same way - with which only she could not rhyme an alcoholic. Thanks to her, thoughtful negligence has become synonymous with good taste, and whole Selfridges and Bergdorf Goodman rails have been allocated under the white T-shirts. They were alcoholics James Perse, selling for a nonsense price of $ 100 apiece.

Other brands hastened to release similar ones - you can read about the most successful ones in books like "Harper's Bazaar. Great Style" and remember that an alcoholic T-shirt is a must at least for a basic wardrobe, and at least one must be left in the closet.

In a word, the alcoholic T-shirt is back in fashion!