Interesting facts about family panties

More than one generation of boys in the USSR grew up in family shorts, which were popularly called by a simple word - family men. And the reason for the name was the fact that in most families of that time, men regarded this piece of dress not only as an intimate thing, but also as a familiar home clothing, which was worn together with a T-shirt with harnesses. Moreover, thanks to the elastic band, one size of panties was worn by the whole family, as they say, both young and old.

Family shorts owe their appearance to the uniform of athletes from the 1920s and 1930s and athletes in shorts-like clothing (boxers, football players, etc.). According to the nomenclature of the sewing industry of that time, they were listed as “smooth, simplified panties”. Beginning in the 1950s, men's briefs began to feature stylized ornamentation, their palette became multifaceted, sometimes limited only by the capabilities of the industry. The most popular were ornaments of flowers, berries and vegetables with fruits.

"Brief Encyclopedia of Household Economy" 1959. edition, suggested sewing family members from coarse calico, madapolam, silk cloth, greensbon, satin, staple cloth, knitwear and determined the length of the panties in 1/2 length from waist to knee plus 18 cm for all sizes. Thus, the average length of the family members was 48cm. The circumference of the lower leg should have been approximately 64 cm.

In general, family members were a cult thing and were owned by every self-respecting Soviet man. However, in the 70s, after the spread of denim clothing and the fashion for skinny pants, this type of underwear began to lose its position, because it became uncomfortable to wear it due to the fact that it gathers like an accordion in the most intimate places and rubs, and generally creates all sorts of inconveniences.

The girls are more worried about the family. When they see this wardrobe item on their man, they often begin to accuse him of bad taste and old-fashionedness. However, despite this, many choose exactly these pants. The main advantage here is, of course, ventilation and freedom. In addition, tight swimming trunks or boxers are a common cause of male infertility. And in this case, family cowards are a guarantee and a guarantor of complete family happiness.