How Stalin's decree saved the actor Pugovkin

Fans of Soviet cinema, of course, remember well the wonderful actor Mikhail Ivanovich Pugovkin. People's Artist of the USSR, who played a huge number of roles in cinema and theater, has always been a favorite of the audience. But few people know that during the Great Patriotic War, Mikhail Pugovkin could become an invalid.

At the end of June 1941, the young actor Mikhail Pugovkin volunteered for the front. The young man as part of the people's militia was sent to Yelnya, where at that time there were fierce battles with the fascist invaders.

It was only by a miracle that the young guy was able to survive in the terrible battles. At the end of 1941, he was transferred to the 1147th Infantry Regiment as a scout. In the fall of 1942, in one of the battles near Voroshilovgrad, Mikhail was seriously wounded in the leg. Pugovkin was sent to the medical battalion, where he developed gangrene.

The doctors made a terrible decision: the leg will have to be amputated, otherwise the soldier is in danger of death. Mikhail had to agree. But then the case intervened in the fate of the novice actor: a few days ago, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin arranged a real crackdown for the doctors for a large number of amputations. The Supreme Commander said that soldiers should be treated, not disabled.

Fulfilling the decree of the leader, the doctors began by all means to save the wounded from amputations. And then a miracle happened - Mikhail Pugovkin's leg was saved. True, he did not get to the front, the soldier was discharged and sent home.

Soon Mikhail in a tunic with military awards came to the Moscow Russian Drama Theater to the director Nikolai Gorchakov, where he immediately got the main role in the play "Muscovite". And then he played a small role in the movie "Wedding". Famous actors Ranevskaya, Garin, Gribov became Pugovkin's partners.

The actor had to dashingly dance in front of the camera, after each take he took off his boots and literally poured out blood.

In 1943, Mikhail entered the Moscow Art Theater School. Despite the fact that Pugovkin had only a three-year education, he was admitted to the course of Ivan Mikhailovich Moskvin, where Mikhail became one of the most beloved students of the eminent master.

Years passed, and Mikhail Pugovkin became a real legend of Soviet cinema. A lucky chance helped him avoid amputation and devote his life to his beloved work.