Interesting facts about frame 25

For the first time this term was used in the middle of the last century in the United States and it referred to cinema. In 1957, American researcher and businessman James Vykeri published data that he conducted an experiment in New Jersey cinemas: the film was promoted a little faster - 25 frames per second, and 24 of them were used for the film, and on the 25th for popcorn advertising. and coca cola. People could not see this advertisement, since visual perception has a number of limitations, including time. Sales of Coca-Cola at the cinema buffet, according to Wikari, increased by 17%, and popcorn - by 50%. Then James Wykari patented a new technology for influencing the subconscious and opened a company for subliminal advertising in films.

Media reports drew the attention of scientists, advertisers and government officials to Vykeri's method, who tried to replicate the experiment. So in 1958 the advertising agency Canadian Broadcasting Corporation during the popular TV show "Close-Up" broadcast inserts with the text "Call now!", But the number of calls from this did not increase.

Interestingly, already in 1958, the existence of the psychological effect of 25 frames was officially denied by the American Psychological Association. And in 1962, James Wykeri himself admitted that the experiments confirming the effect were fabricated. In reality, the 25th frame is not hidden: each frame is marked by the eye of the observer, but due to the inertia of vision, it merges with similar ones and is not distinguished by a person. However, thanks to the same effect, it is not difficult to notice the "extra" advertising frame. You can even read a short word if it is typed in large print and is familiar to the viewer - it is easy to verify this for yourself using a home computer and a video editing program (the frame rate can be set significantly higher than the standard 25 frames / sec, but still far from “25 th "frame will be striking.

Moscow VNIITR has developed a device that detects, among other things, "extraneous and unauthorized information" in a television signal.

In Russian legislation, the use of the 25th frame, as well as other methods of hidden advertising, is prohibited, however, some TV companies have been convicted of using the 25th frame several times.

During the 2000 US election campaign, a Republican ad in support of Bush used frame 25, which contained hidden text: “Rats. Gore's plan is the choice of bureaucrats! "

In the plot of the movie "Fight Club" there is a frame with a picture of a penis, which is inserted at the end of the film. Also at the beginning of the film, there are inserts of images of Tyler Durden, before his meeting with the main character.

Despite the official recognition of the ineffectiveness of the method, there are many programs for learning English, treating various diseases (for example, alcoholism) and losing weight using the 25th frame.

Source: Wikipedia