Nokia's failure in the Asian market

Many people remember such a reliable, cheap and unpretentious phone model like the Nokia 3310, which went public back in 2000 and conquered the whole world. In the wake of the popularity of this model, manufacturers decided to slightly modify it and release it under the name 3410.

But in the Asian market, the Finns sold only 148 units. But the most interesting thing is that the rest of the world received this phone no worse than its predecessor. Considering that the phone had the java support that was fashionable at that time and had better parameters than the 3310, marketers could not understand what was the matter for a long time. The answer, as always, was in plain sight, it turned out that the inhabitants of the East believe that the number "4" brings misfortune and try to avoid it everywhere, including in brands of phones.

It was this belief that hindered the sales of the mobile giant, since then, global mobile phone manufacturers prefer to use other numbers in models aimed at the Asian market.