Interesting facts about black

Black is the color of riddles and secrets, a symbol of the hidden and unknown.

The symbolism of black is negative among most peoples. Something mysterious and dangerous lurks in the deep shadows, darkness. Black makes a person's vision powerless, which in itself threatens danger. This color is often a symbol of escape from earthly joys, death, grief, stress, mourning, ambiguity, mystery and frightening obscurity ("mystery covered in darkness").

Black animals are often credited with supernatural powers. In the Middle Ages, a black cat was one of the attributes of a witch. Superstitious people to this day believe that if a black cat crosses the road, it is unfortunate. In mythology and symbolism, the black raven generally does not bode well, less often it is valued for its intelligence.

Men in Black are an urban legend in the United States. Explains various conspiracy theories related to UFOs and alien abductions.

Black is also associated with fascism, due to the fascist units in Italy (black shirts) and one of the variants of the SS uniform.

It is also the traditional color of anarchists. During the Civil War, the detachments of N.I.Makhno fought under the black banner.

The history of the black banner dates back to the times of the Lyons uprisings (1831 and 1834), when rebellious dyers used the black flag as opposed to the monarchical flag, where white predominated.

In Egypt and many Eastern cultures, there is a positive meaning of black, which is associated with resurrection, rebirth and the beginning of a new life.

Black is the color of femininity (as a killing and generating principle, similar to Mother Earth). Among the Ndembu African people, women with very black skin are valued as lovers, not as wives.

Women of the white race nowadays prefer a black dress (strongly low-cut) as an evening dress (and if the climate permits, then a day one).

In Japanese culture, black is a symbol of age and experience in contrast to white, which symbolizes discipleship, youth. Symbolizes the highest rank in many martial arts (black belt).

The black five-pointed star on the flag of Ghana serves as a guiding star for African freedom.

In many countries, cars that perform official representational functions are painted black.

It is worth noting that there are no absolutely black bodies in nature, therefore a model is used for experiments in physics. It is a closed cavity with a small opening. Light entering through this hole will be completely absorbed after multiple reflections, and the hole will appear completely black from the outside. But when this cavity is heated, it will have its own visible radiation. Since the radiation emitted by the inner walls of the cavity, before coming out (after all, the hole is very small), in the overwhelming proportion of cases will undergo a huge number of new absorptions and emissions, then we can confidently say that the radiation inside the cavity is in thermodynamic equilibrium with the walls. (In fact, the hole for this model is not important at all, it is only needed to emphasize the fundamental observability of the radiation inside; the hole can, for example, be completely closed, and quickly opened only when equilibrium has already been established and the measurement is being carried out).