Why you can't give a watch

Despite the fact that most people use a mobile phone to find out what time it is, sometimes when choosing a gift for a loved one, at times you just want to go to a watch store. There you can buy watches for every taste, both for a girl and a grandfather and for just acquaintances. The thing is beautiful and stylish, and also useful. Many watches are worn because they are simply fashionable. But the bad luck is that it is impossible to make such a gift according to popular beliefs, because everyone knows that to give a watch is a bad omen.

But have you ever wondered: why can't you give a watch? Obviously, this superstition came to us from China. The Chinese believe that receiving a watch as a gift is an indication of imminent death. Among the Slavic peoples, this sign has undergone some changes and means a break in relations and a quick separation from the one to whom you give them. Some people say that having received such a gift, a person will live exactly as long as this clock will go. Therefore, it is best, if you do not believe in omens, play it safe and buy an expensive Swiss watch with a lifetime guarantee for your loved one, and buy "All for $ 1" from the nearest Chinese store for a harmful boss or colleague at the same time and check whether the omen is valid or not.

Do not give watches to lovers or newlyweds. This is a sign of bad taste and serves as a hint of a breakup in the near future. Therefore, it is better to choose another gift for your second half, even if you are not superstitious.

Whether there is any connection between the ticking mechanism presented as a gift and the cooling of feelings or a deterioration in well-being, science cannot yet explain and this is unlikely to happen in the near future. But esotericists believe that it definitely is, and the watch presented to you, especially with malicious intent, has a negative effect on the energy. To believe or not to believe in this is everyone's personal business.

But if you are still determined to give a watch, there are several ways to get around the bad omen. You can invite this person to the store and let him choose and buy a watch for himself, and just give him money for it. And the second option is to buy a gift yourself and when you give the watch, ask for a coin or a small bill in return. And it will be considered that the watch was bought from you.