Urban Legend "The Answer"

The responder (aka the responding phantom) is an urban legend that arose after the emergence and great popularity of mobile phones. Japanese children love to play this game, as they cause an evil spirit.

The game requires ten people, each with a mobile phone.

Step 1. Ten people should stand in a circle. Everyone should pick up a mobile phone, while everyone should have the number of the person on the left in their phone.

Step 2. On the count of three, everyone simultaneously presses the call button of the person on the left.

Step 3. Everyone puts the phone to their ear and listens. Since everyone is calling each other, the phones must be busy. No one should hear the ringing tone.

What happens next?

One participant in the game will hear that someone answered his call. The player will hear a mystical voice on the other end of the wire.

This is the “responder”.

You can start asking him questions. The respondent will give an answer to any question.

But, after he answers, he will ask a counter question. According to legend, the one who gave the wrong answer, or did not answer at all, will be very sorry. A huge ugly hand will appear from the phone, and will tear off a part of the body.

They say that the responder is the ghost of a child who was born a freak. He had no arms, no legs, no torso - one head. When he died, his ghost began to try to turn into a normal person by ripping off body parts from people.