Lightning bolt scar

Winston Kemp was struck by lightning. After that, the press became interested in him, because an incredible pattern from an electric discharge remained on the guy's body. He does not go to doctors, he feels great, he is proud of the scar.

Although this pattern is rare, it is not unique.

Lichtenberg figures are traces that remain on certain materials when exposed to high voltage. Such figures have a fern-like shape and consist of branching electric charges. In the spark channels of a strong discharge, high pressures and temperatures arise, deforming the surface of the dielectric, imprinting Lichtenberg figures on it.

After a person is struck by lightning, such figures can appear on the body in a few hours or even days. It is thought to be caused by a ruptured blood vessel under the skin. Medical examiners by the presence of these figures can determine the cause of death.

There is also the name "Flowers of Lightning".