Mysterious epidemic in Tanzania

Back in 1962, a strange disease broke out in Tanzania - an epidemic of laughter. It is said to have covered about a thousand people. How is this possible, you ask? Everything is simple, but at the same time it is extremely incomprehensible ...

The whole story began in the village of Kashash. Three female students of a girls' school laughed nonstop for a long time, and after a while most of the female students became infected with laughter. The teenagers literally had fits of laughter, and their duration varied from a couple of hours to several days. Due to these circumstances, the school was forced to temporarily close, but the epidemic did not stop, and soon the next fourteen educational institutions located in neighboring villages also became participants in this incident.

The victims of this epidemic were adolescents and children. The end of this phenomenon was announced only eighteen months after the first cases of "infection" were recorded. Until now, no explanation has been found for what happened.