Valor Above Death - 32 Headless Steps

Scientists have been studying the hidden capabilities of the human brain for a long time, but they cannot be compared with the capabilities of our soul, which sometimes helps to accomplish the truly impossible ...

In 1336, King Ludwig of Bavaria sentenced to death the nobleman Diez von SchauMburg (in other sources his name is recorded as Diez von Swinburg) and four of his associates for the fact that they rebelled against his majesty and thereby "disturbed the peace of the country ". The troublemakers were to have their heads cut off. Before his execution, according to tradition, Ludwig of Bavaria asked Diez von Schaunburg what his last wish would be. Diez asked the king to pardon his sentenced friends in case he, beheaded, manages to run past them.

At the same time, von Schaunburg clarified that the sentenced should stand in a row at a distance of eight steps from each other. Only those are subject to pardon, past whom he, having lost his head, will be able to run. The monarch burst out laughing after hearing this nonsense, and promised to fulfill the wish of the doomed. Dietz placed his friends hardly, carefully measuring out the agreed distance between them with steps and knelt down in front of the block. The executioner's sword whistled. Von Schaunburg's blond head rolled off his shoulders, and his body ... jumped to its feet, and in front of the maddened king and courtiers, sprinkling the earth with streams of blood gushing from the stump of the neck, rushed swiftly past the condemned. Having passed the last of them, that is, having made more than 32 steps, it stopped and fell to the ground. The king kept his word and pardoned the rebels.