Where is the drunken forest

There is in the Shilovsky district of the Ryazan region, not far from the Priokskaya camp site, an anomalous zone - the "Drunken" forest.

In the middle of a normal mixed forest, there is an area of ​​about 150 by 600 meters, where pines (for some reason, only they!) Have an unnatural bend for some unknown reason. Explanations, of course, there are many - from the blockage of sprouts with snow during growth, to the explosion of a meteorite and the strongest energy impact - but none of them is true, has not yet been proven.

The mystery has not been solved, the source of energy, which, perhaps, somehow affects the tree trunks, of course, has not yet been found. Another #interesting_fact: there are absolutely no insects in that zone! From this we can conclude that the theory of energy impact is very close, if not to the truth, but to a possible explanation.

But "Drunk" _forest is not the only interesting place in those parts. They say that somewhere near the forest there is also a "Drunken" stream! Why drunk too? The stream got its name due to the unique features of the water. The fact is that at a certain time, for only a few hours, or even minutes, gases begin to emerge from the ground, which saturate this water. And if at this moment you drink a glass of this water, then for a few seconds you will feel a slight intoxication. There is another very interesting moment in this story that could not have been overlooked. This is a small stone with a "face", which is located right on the stream and clearly loves to "drink drunk water". It turns out that at that moment, when the water in the stream is saturated with underground gases and has intoxicating properties, a “smiling face” appears on the stone.

So, the fun part! How do you get there? From Moscow, you can get to the "Drunken Forest" by two roads. M5 (Ryazan highway) and P105 (Yegoryevskoe highway). Along the M5 highway you reach the village of Shilovo and turn towards the town of Kasimov, after 40 km there will be a left turn to the village of Dubrovka, pass the village, and a forest road will begin behind it, following which you will find yourself where you need to - anomalous trees can be seen from the road, they will be on the right side.

Go along the P105 highway to the town of Kasimov and turn towards Shilovo, the landmark is the same - the village of Dubrovka, the required turn will be to the right. Further, as described above - through Dubrokva - into the forest. Have a nice trip!