Sanetti: the mysterious ghost train

On July 14, 1911, the Italian travel agency Sanetti sent a train from Rome's train station, which consisted of only three carriages. The passengers of this train were 106 wealthy tourists, for whom the company organized an entertainment trip around the country. Everything went according to schedule until the train approached the Lombardy tunnel. And then something incredible happened.

No one else has ever seen the Sanetti train. Rescuers carefully examined the entire tunnel, but neither the train nor people were found. Later it turned out that two passengers were still able to escape. Soon an interview with one of them appeared in the newspaper "Rimsky Vestnik". A certain signor Sajino told reporters that the train was shrouded in white fog in the tunnel, and there was some kind of incomprehensible hum. The passengers began to rush about the cars in panic.

Sajino was lucky - he managed to jump out of the car, out of the corner of his eye he managed to notice that another tourist rushed after him, who also managed to get out of the tunnel.

No other railway company dared to let the train through this mysterious tunnel, it was walled up and remained in this state until World War II. During an air raid, a bomb exploded near the walled entrance, which finally destroyed the roof of the tunnel.

Gradually, the excitement around the disappeared train subsided, no one ever hoped to receive at least some news about the fate of the passengers. But, 15 years after this incident, information was discovered in one of the archives that more than 100 Italians suddenly appeared in Mexico City, claiming that they had arrived here by train from Rome. The mystery was that the entry was dated 1845. That is, 66 years before what happened.

Europeans in Mexico were declared insane and placed in a psychiatric clinic. And the archives contained notes of a psychiatrist who described his conversations with Italians, who persistently tried to prove that they came from the twentieth century. Moreover, the clothes of the guests did not at all correspond to the fashion of the middle of the nineteenth century. Rumor has it that a snuff-box seized from passengers with the date "1907" has survived to this day in Mexico.

Later, witnesses appeared more than once, claiming that they had seen the same mysterious composition of "Sanetti". Moreover, this happened in various countries - Italy, USSR, Germany, India. The first time "Sanetti" appeared in the Soviet Union was in 1955. A trackman in Crimea claimed that the train was slowly moving along an abandoned railway embankment, and the rails were removed from it several years before this incident.

Eyewitnesses who saw the mysterious train at different times and in different countries described it in the same way: an old steam locomotive and three carriages with inscriptions in Latin. Moreover, no one saw the driver, and the windows in the cars were tightly closed with curtains. The train was shrouded in white mist. The train suddenly appeared and just as suddenly disappeared.

There is also a legend that the researcher of anomalous phenomena Vasily Leshchaty was able once to watch for a ghost train at one of the crossings. He jumped on the bandwagon and disappeared with the Sanetti.