Humanoid Atacama - a mysterious mummy from the American desert

According to a Chilean newspaper, on October 19, 2003, in the Atacama Desert, in the La Noria settlement, Oscar Muñoz discovered the remains of a strange creature, wrapped in an ordinary "earthy" rag, near a local church.

Subsequently, the skeleton was sold for 30 thousand pesos to the owner of a local bar, who in turn resold the find to a Spanish businessman.

We are talking about the remains of a strange humanoid-like creature, extremely small in size: only 15 cm. The find was named "Atacama humanoid" or "Ata". This fact has prompted speculation about the arrival of alien humanoid beings on Earth. Ten years after this discovery, the documentary Sirius presents the views and conclusions of various experts who analyzed this strange creature.

In addition to its small waist, Ata has a very large head in relation to the body (this is how humanoid aliens are often represented in science fiction films), and some unusual skeletal features - for example, the skeleton has only 10 pairs of ribs instead of 12.

Skeptics claim that the skeleton of the Atacama humanoid is a fake, but the tomography showed that it is a real organism. There is also a hypothesis that this is a small monkey skeleton or an aborted human fetus.

However, studies carried out with the help of modern equipment - X-rays, tomography, DNA analysis - reveal the most interesting information about the humanoid from Atacama:

First, it cannot be a monkey. “I can say with 100% certainty that the find is not a monkey skeleton. This is something closer to humans than chimpanzees, ”said Harry Nolan, the professor who performed the genetic analysis.

Secondly, "the skeleton is not an aborted human fetus, it is excluded, " said the specialist.

The researchers analyzed the extracted DNA from the bone marrow, from which they obtained, according to their own statements, "superior quality DNA material."

The conclusion of experts is that the creature has had an "interesting mutation", the skeleton belongs to a female, presumably a person who died about forty years after discovery.

Experts who conducted the research came to the conclusion that this humanoid had monstrous mutations, at least in 7 genes, which, as you know, are responsible for anomalies and malformations of the skeleton in humans or accelerate its aging.

It is genetic mutations that can explain the small size of the Atacama humanoid, the advanced age of its bones, the elongated shape of the skull, and also abnormal ribs.

It is believed that due to fatal mutations that deformed the skeleton of "Ata", she was either born dead or died shortly after birth.

“Understanding discovered mutations that cause bone aging, as in the case of Ata, may allow us to develop drugs that can help develop and repair bones in people who have been victims of accidents, car accidents or other tragedies ...

Although the whole story began and spread around the world as an alien, in reality it is nothing more than the tragedy of a woman giving birth to a premature baby that was sold as a bizarre artifact.

The Atacama humanoid is an incredible genetic case from which we must extract the most important and help all of humanity in the fight against this problem. Rest in peace "Ata"! " Excerpt from Professor Nolan's interview for The Guardian.