Interesting facts about Bigfoot

Rumors of a mysterious Bigfoot have been circulating for centuries. Numerous photos, scraps of wool, footprints are cited as evidence of its existence. But, no one has yet managed to present the Bigfoot himself. But this, in addition to scientific value, makes it possible to make good money. For example, the Society of Cryptozoologists (Arizona) has awarded a generous award. Anyone who can deliver a Bigfoot corpse to scientists will receive $ 100, 000, and for the capture of a living specimen, the reward will be a million.

For a long time, scientists believed that if Bigfoot ever existed, it was already extinct. But, in 1921, the English climber Howard-Bury, during an expedition to Everest, noticed huge footprints on a mountain slope, which, in size, could not belong to an ordinary person.

The Huna and Yurok Indians claimed that in the 19th century, in California, they often met huge humanoid creatures covered with thick wool. They called them "patons". But, in the middle of the 19th century, huge deposits of gold were discovered here, hundreds of thousands of fortune hunters came from all over the world to California. According to the Indians, the Patons, frightened by so many people, fled to safer places.

There is a legend that in 1890 two huge shaggy monsters attacked an American mining village located on the banks of the Chetko River. They seized food supplies, and the bodies of three miners were found at the scene of the tragedy. The weight of each of the monsters, according to eyewitnesses, was at least 300 kg.

In 1967, Americans Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin provided a video of Bigfoot. Filming was taken at the California National Wildlife Refuge. More than 50 years have passed since then, but the controversy among researchers continues. Some are sure that this is indisputable proof of the existence of Bigfoot, others argue that the shooting is staged.

For a long time, Soviet scientists took seriously the possibility of Bigfoot's existence. In 1957, even a meeting was held at the Academy of Sciences devoted to this issue. A version was put forward that Bigfoot can live in the Pamir region. An expedition went there, before which they set the task - if the Bigfoot really exists, then he should be found in the Soviet Union.

Several months of searching have yielded no results. And then Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev accused the Academy of Sciences of being engaged in "nonsense". And, translated from French, this word means - "meaninglessness, absurdity." The search for Bigfoot was terminated. Although, some scientists continued to work in this direction, but without any support from the Kremlin.

Despite the fact that scientists failed to catch a living Bigfoot, they put forward the assumption that its life expectancy is much higher than that of an ordinary person and is approximately 250 - 300 years.

There are several dozen alleged biological samples of Bigfoot skin and hair, provided by researchers from all over the world. Many of them underwent DNA examination and it turned out that 34 of them belonged to existing animals (people, horses, cows, wolves, dogs, raccoons, bears), and 2 to an extinct subspecies of the polar bear.

The famous ufologist Boris Apollonovich Shurinov put forward an interesting version. In his opinion, Bigfoot is a representative of alien civilizations. However, some skeptics claim that Bigfoot simply does not exist. Most often it is seen high in the mountains. And these are common hallucinations caused by prolonged oxygen deprivation.