Interesting facts about the forehead

The Maya people had their own concepts of beauty. For example, in order for the forehead to be flat, a board was tied to the baby's head.

The average forehead thickness is only 0.8-1 cm.

The obsolete name for the forehead is the brow. From here came the well-known "bangs" - that is, the hair covering the forehead. And the official written appeal was called petition, it usually began with the words (I beat my forehead, that is, I bow)

The stigma of slaves, criminals and prostitutes was used by many peoples. And often the brand was put on the forehead. The goal is to prevent escapes and separate criminals from the civilian population.

The most popular stereotype regarding the forehead is that a large forehead is a sign of high intelligence. That is why in the Middle Ages, ladies shaved their hair above their foreheads, trying to make their foreheads larger. In fact, there is no relationship between the size of the forehead and the level of intelligence.

At services during Ash Wednesday, Catholics perform a special ceremony of sprinkling the heads of believers with consecrated ashes (sometimes, instead of sprinkling ashes on the head, the sign of the cross is applied to the forehead with ashes). All Christians are baptized starting from the forehead.

Tilaka - this is how the spot between the eyebrows is called among the Hindus. It is a sacred sign that the followers of Hinduism apply on the forehead with clay, ash, sandalwood paste or other substance.

The most "oily" period of the skin on the forehead occurs during puberty (puberty). But the secretion of sebum, with age, decreases and decreases. And in elderly people, the skin is generally devoid of grease.

American John Ferraro can easily bend a sheet of metal with his forehead, hammer in a nail and break a concrete slab with his head. At the moment, John Ferraro is a double record holder of the Guinness Book of Records. The first time he broke cement blocks with his head, the second time he hammered 5 nails into a wooden board.