Interesting facts about humps

And you know that not only camels are humpbacked, but many other animals as well: whales, buffaloes, bison, bears, wild boars, moose, cows and even hares.

The humpbacked bridge is the common name for a single-span arched bridge, the arch of which is substantially curved upward.

The prototype of the hunchback Quasimodo from Victor Hugo's novel Notre Dame Cathedral was a real person, presumably a bricklayer, an acquaintance of Victor Hugo.

The hump in humans is the result of deformities in the spine or chest as a result of injury or disease, most commonly arthritis.

Often, hunchbacks have monstrous strength.

Kyphobia is the fear of a hump on the back.

The hump of a camel contains fat and can weigh up to 40 kg, so that they can go without food for more than two weeks.

The humpback cow, or zebu, lives in the vastness of Africa and Southeast Asia. Its peculiarity is the muscle-fat hump located in the area of ​​the withers. Zebu plays such a big role in the life of residents of hot countries that in Madagascar his image has become a symbol of the state.

The humpback hare (Aguti) is a mammal of the order of rodents. Agouti are relatives of guinea pigs and even outwardly look like them.

The humpback whale got its name either from its dorsal fin, shaped like a hump, or from the habit of arching its back when swimming.

Cars ZAZ-965 and ZAZ-965A were nicknamed "hunchback" for their characteristic body shape.

The term "widow's hump" comes from the Middle Ages. People noted that many women over 45-50 years old developed a lump behind the neck. As a rule, ladies at this age were already widows, therefore this name of pathology was fixed. In fact, not only women are faced with such a problem, it is occasionally found in a strong half of humanity.

In 2010, a humpbacked dinosaur species was discovered. The concavenator ("hunter from Cuenca") has a characteristic feature - a "hump" on the back, formed by an increase in the eleventh and twelfth vertebrae, but scientists cannot yet determine what functions such a "hump" performed.