My clear star

People have different songs, And mine is one for centuries.

My clear star, How far you are from me.

Late, you and I realized that the two of us are twice as fun

Even sail across the sky, And not like living on earth.

The cloud touches you, It wants to close it from me.

My pure, strict, How I want to be near.

Late, you and I realized that the two of us are twice as fun

Even sail across the sky, And not like living on earth.

I know, for you I am not a god, Wings, they say, are not the same.

I can't go to your heaven

A-a-a-a fly.

Late, you and I realized that the two of us are twice as fun

Even sail across the sky, And not like living on earth.

And not that living on earth.

Few people know that this popular song is dedicated to a young 19-year-old girl who was killed by terrorists just 3 months before her wedding ...

On October 15, 1970, taking off from the Batumi airport, the AN-24 (flight 244) aircraft with 46 passengers on board was to land in Krasnodar. A few minutes after takeoff at an altitude of 800 meters, two passengers - father and son Brazinskasa called the flight attendant Nadezhda Kurchenko and handed a note to the pilots demanding to change the route and fly to Turkey. She threw herself into the cockpit and shouted: 'Attack!' The criminals rushed after her and, in an attempt to break into the cockpit, began shooting.

Later, 18 holes were found in the skin. Several bullets were fired towards the passenger compartment; none of the passengers were injured. The first pilot, Giorgi Chakhrakia, was shot in the spine and his legs were lost. Overcoming the pain, he turned around and saw a terrible picture: Nadia was lying motionless in the door of the pilot's cabin and was bleeding. Navigator Valery Fadeev was shot in the lung, and flight mechanic Hovhannes Babayan was wounded in the chest. Co-pilot Suliko Shavidze was the luckiest one - a bullet got stuck in a steel pipe in the back of his seat.

The elder Brazinskas took out a grenade and threatening to blow it up, demanded that the pilots obey and fly towards Turkey ...

In October 1970, the USSR demanded that Turkey immediately extradite the criminals, but this demand was not met. The Turks decided to judge the hijackers themselves and sentenced 45-year-old Pranas Brazinskas to eight years in prison, and his 13-year-old son Algirdas to two. In 1974, a general amnesty took place in this country and the imprisonment of Brazinskas Sr. was replaced with ... house arrest in a luxury villa in Istanbul, and from there the American special services took them to the United States.

This was the first case in the global practice of air terrorism with the murder of a crew member, hijacking an aircraft to a neighboring country and non-return of criminals, which was facilitated by a clear double morality.

In 1980, Pranas stated in an interview with The Los Angeles Times that he was an activist of the Lithuanian liberation movement and fled abroad, as he faced the death penalty in his homeland. However, for some reason he forgot to tell that he was in his homeland not for patriotism, but received two sentences for theft and abuse of office.

In America, Algirdas officially became Albert Victor White, and Pranas became Frank White. They settled in the town of Santa Monica, California, where they worked as painters. It would seem that the American dream of two bastards came true, but Themis did not leave them unpunished.

With old age, Algirdas's character became unbearable and he and his son often quarreled. During one of these conflicts, a 45-year-old son beat his 77-year-old dad to death with a baseball bat. In November 2002, a jury in the Santa Monica court found Albert guilty of first degree murder and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

P.S. In memory of the brave girl, the poetess Olga Fokina wrote a poem called "People have different songs" about the deceased flight attendant on behalf of her young man. Olga Fokina's poem caught the eye of the then beginning composer Vladimir Semyonov. In 1971 he wrote the song "My clear star", which became a hit for centuries.