Why Airplane Passengers Don't Have Parachutes

Despite the fact that the aircraft is considered the safest transport in the world, sometimes the question arises as to why the passengers of civil aircraft are not given parachutes. After all, these funds may be the only way to escape in the event of an emergency. But even taking into account this fact, airlines continue to adhere to the usual tactics of providing services - they do not give out parachutes to anyone.

This feature is due to several factors: inefficiency and unprofitability.

According to statistics, most aircraft crashes occur at the time of takeoff or landing. Only 15% of cases can catch us at a respectable height, but when the parachute is 20-30 meters off the ground, it will become more of a burden than a means of escape. It will be effective only at an altitude exceeding 180 meters (as indicated in the technical indicators).

As a rule, emergency situations cause an eerie turmoil and chaos in the cabin. In such conditions, a passenger will simply not be able to put on a parachute correctly, not to mention the fact that a crowd of people will not be able to proceed to the exit without pushing. Having a huge backpack on your back will only aggravate the situation, increasing the chances of injury and even death in a crush.

It is also worth mentioning the weather conditions in which an ordinary person without a special suit will still not be able to use a parachute for a successful landing. The fact is that at a high altitude of 10 kilometers, the air temperature overboard is within -40 degrees Celsius. The plane flies at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour. These factors seriously affect the human body and, in most cases, we are more likely to lose consciousness when jumping from an airplane, without having time to pull the necessary lace to open the canopy.

In addition, parachutes take up space in the cabin and each weigh about 10 kilograms. Parachutes for several hundred passengers will weigh more than one ton and will have to be transported constantly and free of charge. That is, the payload for the aircraft decreases and the airlines will lose profit, and they will definitely not go for this.

So why not give parachutes only to the crew? Everything is very simple. In a critical situation, the pilot, knowing that he has a parachute, will prefer to save his life and leave the damaged ship, rather than fight to the end.

An interesting fact, at the moment, prototypes of the parachute are being developed, which will shoot back with a capsule of passengers on board in the event of a disaster in flight.