Interesting facts about the sea cow

For the first time, the "sea cow" was discovered by members of the Bering expedition in 1741 off the coast of the island, which later received the name of the discoverer. The sailors named these animals cows because their breasts contained thick, fatty milk.

The expedition participant, naturalist Steller, wrote about them: “The largest individuals reach 8-10 meters in length and in a circle around the navel up to 9 meters, their weight reaches 120 pounds. Up to the middle of the body, they look like a seal, and then like a fish ... "

Two hundred years ago, sea cows were found not only near the Commander Islands, which includes the Bering Island, but were also found in large numbers off the coast of Kamchatka.

As a result of predatory hunting by animal traders and whalers from different countries who were engaged in fishing in the North Pacific at that time, sea cows were completely exterminated at the end of the 18th century.