Interesting facts about giraffes

The height of the giraffe is up to 5.5 m, and the weight is up to 10OO kg. Males are larger than females. These animals are characterized by long limbs and a very long neck, which nevertheless, like most mammals, has 7 vertebrae.

Because of their large stature, giraffes drink water in a very original way - with their limbs spread wide and bent, and they sleep mostly while standing and very little (20 minutes).

The giraffe is the record holder among land mammals not only in height, but also in the length of the tongue - as much as 40 cm!

The color of animals is individual (like fingerprints in humans) and is represented by dark spots of various shapes on a light yellow background. Perhaps that is why the specific Latin name for giraffes is translated as the leopard camel.

A characteristic feature of the giraffe's appearance is also the fact that its head is decorated with two or four horns covered with hair and skin.

Giraffes prefer open spaces and are capable of fast running. They feed on young leaves and tree shoots, which are plucked with a long tongue. The favorite food is acacia.

Life expectancy is about 30 years. Females carry a baby for 14-15 months, after which they give birth to one two-meter baby.

They live in herds of 10-12 individuals. Giraffes are considered silent animals. Some of the sounds made by giraffes are similar to moans or deep sighs.