Interesting facts about the narwhal

The narwhal is a toothed whale that lives mainly in arctic waters. In a male narwhal, a long bone canine grows on the left side of the mouth, which reaches a length of 2-3 meters, and weighs up to 10 kg. This peculiar tusk is twisted in a left-hand spiral.

The narwhal's tusk is very elastic and durable, its end can bend 31 cm in any direction, without damage. The purpose of the narwhal's tusk has not yet been precisely clarified, but, as far as is known, it does not serve as an attack weapon and is not used to break through the ice crust.

Under an electron microscope, the tusk was found to be riddled with millions of tiny tubes containing nerve endings. Presumably, the tusk allows the narwhal to sense changes in pressure, temperature and the relative concentration of suspended particles in the water.

Narwhals do not live in captivity (maximum 4 months) and do not breed.

In groups, narwhals talk to each other with harsh sounds that resemble whistles, sighs, hums, clicks, gurgles and squeaks.

Previously, the narwhal's tusk was often passed off as a unicorn's horn, which has healing powers. It was believed that if you throw a piece of horn into a glass of poisoned wine, it will change its color.