The most interesting facts about birds

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  1. The largest non-flying bird in terms of weight and size is the African ostrich. He can weigh up to 175 kilograms, and his height reaches 2, 7 meters. But of the birds that can fly, the Albatross is considered the largest because of its wingspan. The wingspan of some species of these birds can exceed 3, 7 meters, and the mass reaches 6, 5 kilograms. The oldest Royal Albatross lived to be approximately 61 years old.
  2. The smallest bird on Earth is Hummingbird, namely, a separate species of them that lives on the island of Cuba, which is referred to as the dwarf bee (Mellisuga minima). The weight of this bee is only 1, 6—1, 8 grams, and the length of the body, including the tail, is less than 6 centimeters.
  3. The fastest bird in the world is - Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus). The size of one wing can be from 30 to 40 cm, and the wingspan up to 120 cm. The length of a bird can be 50 cm, and the weight is 1, 2 kg. Males are much smaller than females. According to various estimates, the speed of a peregrine falcon diving for prey can range from 200 km / h to 322 km / h.
  4. The most flying bird in the world is Black or Tower Swift (Apus apus). It can be in the air for several years, covering a distance of 500, 000 km while satisfying all its air needs. This species of Swifts reaches a length of 18 cm, and a wingspan of up to 40 cm.The bird lives in northern and central Asia, as well as in central Europe. Black Swift has the highest horizontal speed of 120-180 km / h.
  5. The most dangerous bird on Earth is Cassowary. It is not poisonous, its main weapon is a sharp beak and claws. The bird is up to 2 meters long, weight can reach 85 kilograms. The speed of the Cassowary is also high up to 50 km / h. His jumps can reach 1.5 meters. The bird swims very well, which makes it almost impossible to escape from. The dagger-like claw of the inner finger is 120 millimeters long.