Where did the fashion for pocket dogs come from?

Glamorous ladies, carrying small moseks in their purses, surprise no one for a long time. But where did this fashion come from? Let's try to figure it out. There are three main versions of the origin of this hobby:

  • During the Renaissance, personal hygiene in Enlightened Europe was not as popular as it is now, that is, people considered washing the body indecent, and decent ladies had small dogs and carried them in their arms in order ... so that fleas and lice jump into body of a lady on a frail pet body, which has a higher body temperature.
  • According to another, more fantastic version, the fashion of carrying small dogs with you originated in France in the Middle Ages. The idea of ​​carrying a small dog with you as an attribute came to someone's cute head, so that in case of embarrassment, flatulence can always be attributed to a poor animal.
  • The latest version is more prosaic. The ladies wiped their hands on the fur of such dogs after eating, defecating and other dirty deeds at balls and entertainment parties.

And the last thing: friends, if your lady made herself a little furry friend, do not rush to draw conclusions. Maybe she just loves animals.