How the cat became the mayor of the city

Once, a certain Lori Stack, the owner of a shop in the small town of Talkeetna, located in Alaska, picked up a homeless kitten on the street. Laurie named him Stubbs (short tail), as the kitten lost its tail during the vagrancy. After settling in his new owner's store, Stubbs quickly became a favorite with customers, having a cheerful and good-natured disposition.

After a while, Stubbs was already known to the whole town, especially since its population is only 900 inhabitants. In 1997, during the election of a local mayor, one of the store's visitors came up with an incredible idea: to nominate a cat for the post of mayor. The fact may seem curious, but Stubbs beat his competitors by a wide margin. According to voters, the cat had undeniable advantages over other candidates: he does not steal, does not take bribes, and does not weave behind-the-scenes intrigues.

As it turned out, Stubbs fully justified the high confidence placed in him, he has been re-elected as mayor for many years. During all this time, he was not involved in any corruption scandals, did not raise taxes, and always remained a very democratic leader: anyone can visit the mayor's office and stroke him. Stubbs is even forgiven for being too sleepy, like any cat, he loves to take a nap. In general, the people of Talkeetna are satisfied with their mayor and do not regret having elected him to this high position.

True, the life of a mayor is not always a holiday. For example, in 2013, local dogs, despite the high position of Stubbs, attacked him and pretty much beat the head of the city. The cat had to spend several days in a veterinary clinic. All this time, the townspeople anxiously watched his health, and even raised funds for treatment. After this incident, additional measures were taken to ensure the safety of Stubbs. By the way, the cat even has his own Facebook page with a huge number of subscribers.

Of course, you can call the election of the cat Stubbs as mayor, albeit a small, but still a town, eccentricity, but there are certain advantages in this. A little-known town in distant Alaska has become a tourist center. All Talkeetna's guests wish to meet the cat. You can even take a picture with the mayor. During the years of his reign, Stubbs has not changed at all: he is still the same kind and loves all people without exception.