Beavers built a dam from dollars

A curious incident occurred several years ago in the American city of Greensburg, located in the state of Louisiana. At night, someone managed to turn off the alarms and security cameras at the local Lucky Dollar casino. About $ 70, 000 was stolen from the cash register of the institution.

Suspicion fell on 25-year-old Jacqueline Wall, a casino security officer. After the arrest, the girl confessed that she was an unwitting accomplice in this crime. During the night watch she was attacked by a masked stranger. Threatening with a weapon, he forced Jacqueline to turn off the security system. Putting the money in bags, the robber took the hostage to a deserted place, where he severely beat her and disappeared.

A few days later, a lawyer came to the Greensburg police station and said that one of his clients, whose name he would not want to name, knows where the stolen money is hidden - on the bank of a stream 50 kilometers from the crime scene. The police went in search of the indicated place and thoroughly searched the shore.

A small part of the stolen goods was found - only $ 5, 000. But, much more was stolen from the casino, where did the rest of the money go? The attention of the police was attracted by the dam on the stream, built by beavers. The police decided to disassemble it and check - is the money hidden there?

The search was successful. Beavers, indeed, used banknotes as a building material: with dollars they plugged the cracks in the dam. It is unlikely that the animals thought about how much the construction of this dam cost. At the same time, the police noted that the "builders" were very careful with the money, almost all the bills were intact, although they got very wet. After drying, the money turned out to be suitable for further use. But the beaver dam itself was badly damaged. The animals had to look for new building material, now without solid financial investments.

But Jacqueline Wall herself, as the investigation found out, was not a victim, but a participant in this crime. After a while, she admitted that this robbery was planned in advance.

Interestingly, beavers are not only capable of using money to build their dams. The image of this animal can be found on banknotes and coins of various countries of the world. For example, the 1992 three-ruble banknote of Belarus depicts two beavers.

And in Canada, he is generally the unofficial symbol of the country. The beaver can be seen on the coins of this country of various years. For example, on a 5 cent coin. And in August of this year, the Royal Canadian Mint issued a $ 100 silver coin. Limited mintage - only 750 copies.

In 2008, the Bank of Russia also produced beaver coins. The animal was featured on the "Keep the World" series of investment coins. 12, 000 coins from this series are made of 900 gold. The mass of one such coin is 17.45 g.