Interesting facts about cockfighting

Interesting facts "Sports" Interesting facts about cockfighting

  1. Cockfighting was once one of the most popular competitions around the world. For the first time, they began to be carried out in the countries of the East - China, India, Persia, and later began to appear in Europe. For example, in Ancient Greece, fighting roosters became popular after the campaigns in Persia. In Athens, during the reign of Themistocles, an amphitheater was even specially built.
  2. Young Greek warriors were required to attend such tournaments in order to learn from the birds of fortitude and the ability to fight to the last. As the spectacle became very popular, people appeared who were engaged in organizing cockfights and preparing birds.
  3. If in Asia cockfighting was part of a ritual, a cock that died in battle was sacrificed to the gods, in Europe it was more like a sport. So, for example, in England of the XVI century it was one of the favorite entertainments of the nobility. Bets were taken on the outcome of the battle. But, in the 19th century, Queen Victoria issued a decree banning cockfighting, and this type of gambling business fell into decay.
  4. In the United States, it was believed that every aristocrat should be well versed in the intricacies of cockfighting. Even the presidents of the country were fond of such competitions. Currently, in most states, fights are prohibited, even if you visit them, you will be held liable. True, there are several centers for training "fighters", which are then exported to Mexico or Asian countries, where such fights are not prohibited by law.
  5. In Russia, cockfighting was also extremely popular. Some of our ancestors even managed to amass a good fortune by guessing the outcome of a duel. And others, respectively, were lost to the last penny. In 1860, Emperor Alexander II, by his decree, banned such fun, but this did not stop the fans of fighting - the tournaments were organized clandestinely.
  6. The price of a good fighting cock was comparable to that of a horse. Therefore, for many, poultry farming was a profitable business. The selection began already among the chicks: the most frisky and cocky ones were chosen. These were placed in a separate cage, and a long preparation stage began. There was even such a belief: in order for a rooster to become aggressive, it was necessary to cut off the comb and feed it to him.
  7. Count Alexei Grigorievich Orlov, who bought fighting cocks in England, was a big fan of cockfighting. Even some persons from the royal family sought to get into his palace, where the battles were fought. Huge stakes were being made here. One of Orlov's main competitors was General Vsevolzhsky, who was engaged in breeding his own breed of fighting cocks.
  8. Cockfighting usually takes place in a circular area about six meters in diameter. A barrier is arranged along the edges of the site, which prevents the roosters from leaving the battlefield. In some countries, special metal spurs with a length of 4 centimeters are attached to the legs of the rooster. Such a device is a formidable weapon. Not surprisingly, for some roosters, the first fight is also the last.
  9. That is why the acquisition of a good fighter is often a disastrous investment - a bird is expensive, and it can die on the battlefield in one moment.