Largest Barbie collection

Florida resident Stanley Coloright, 41, has an odd hobby. He spends up to US $ 30, 000 a year expanding his collection of Barbie dolls.

At the moment, Coloright has 2, 000 Barbie dolls and 1, 000 of her companion Ken. Some of the dolls in his collection cost up to $ 970 each!

His seven-room house has become a museum for a popular girly toy, four of which, plus a bathroom, are the home of Barbie.

The man owns 3000 outfits for his beloved Barbies (and one outfit was made by fashion designer Oscar de la Renta), airplanes, motorcycles, a limousine, a camping van and a real huge Dream House for dolls with a shower and an elevator. The cost of the house is about USD 1000.

Stanley admits that he has a real Barbie addiction, as he cannot pass by things with the image of a famous brand, so as not to buy something.

He bought his first Happy Holiday doll in 1992, and began collecting only in 1997. Stanley now buys 20 dolls a month. He usually makes his purchases at garage sales, toy stores and eBay.

The most expensive doll in his collection is the Pink Splendor, which cost $ 975. He also has the oldest doll from 1962.

An extremely stupid and abnormal hobby for an adult, especially a man, although the hero of this article can be considered a stretch, given his orientation.

Stanley lives with his boyfriend, 61-year-old Dennis, who started collecting Ken dolls 13 years ago when he met Stanley and attended the first Barbie conference. In their free time, the couple loves to make decorations for dolls, and also curl their hair with a curling iron.