Where was the inventor of Pringles buried?

What do you think the inventor of the Pringles chips was buried in?

Of course...

in a Pringles bag!

Fredrik J. Baur from Ohio was so proud of his invention that he asked to put the ashes in a bag of chips after his death. He has worked as a food technician and organic chemist for Procter & Gamble all his life. In 1966, Baur applied for a patent for a new method of stacking curved chips in tall tube packaging.

4 years later, the patent was issued, and Baur retired in the early 80s, fully confident that he had come up with something really ingenious. The inventor was incredibly delighted with his own creation, so he wanted to be buried in it. The inventor died in May 2008 (89 years old). His family complied with the request - the ashes were divided between a pair of urns and a tube of chips, which is now stored in a coffin in the suburbs of Springfield.