Street automata selling books will appear in Singapore

They say reading paper books no one is not interested. Many people have long moved to electronic media in which much more information is placed and which reduce cutting down trees, of which paper is being made.

However, for those who cannot replace the fresh smell of typographic paint and a pleasant roughness of paper pages, the Singapore company "Books Actually" has good news. They are going to open a network of automata on the sale of books, just as people buy chocolate and gas meters now.

Original "Books Actually" are going to test three booksmats, putting them in the most popular points of the city.

In each such automatic, 150 books of various formats are placed, which will attract the buyer using a cover turned to it, beautifully highlighted internal lighting.

The disadvantages of this method of acquiring books are obvious: before buying the reader will not be able to familiarize himself with the concise content. But, perhaps, it is this method of selling books to give a new impulse of the bookprint of the industry?