Black leopards have a unique drawing on the skin. But we do not see him

The black leopard, whom the Black Panther is also called - a representative of the Feline family (usually leopard or jaguar), which is clearly visible traces of melanism, manifested in the presence of black color.

Such color is characteristic of leopards living in some tropical forests, where the density of vegetation passes little sunlight. In such places, for hundreds of years, it was the most individuals with a dark color, gradually forging separate groups received an advantage in survival.

Nowadays, black leopards, like many other animal species, were threatened with disappearance. Most of all black leopards lives in the forests of Malaysia - up to 50% of the entire global population. It is very important to conduct an accurate counting of animals to raise their level of security and assist them if necessary. But if it is not possible to identify a regular leopard, it will help a unique combination of stains on its skin, easily distinguished by human vision - then the identification of a black leopard represents significant problems, even though the drawing in some parts of the body is noticeable.

In any case, so were things until one of the feline was recorded by the night surveillance chamber, removing in the infrared spectrum. It turned out that on the skins of the black leopard there are numerous spots that human vision distinguish not in a state.

Further studies of black leopards with infrared cameras showed that any of the black leopards on the skin there is a unique pattern, differing only in brightness. Now, using infrared cameras, biologists can easily identify one or another individual in the frame.