Burger from KFC launched into the stratosphere

The well-known network of fast food restaurants launched one of its popular chicken burgers called Zinger in the stratosphere. And although this news sounds like a fantasy of a crazy fast food fader, this event really happened July 29, 2017.

So kfc, together with WORLD VIEW, gave tribute to the most famous and popular American food. But more depth interests are behind the loud slogans: for KFC, it is a strengthening of its image, and for World View - the Long-Term Trial Day of your Strabollite system.

WORLD VIEW is a space startup that confronts the task to make secure and easily accessible flights to the stratosphere with a balloon. In the prospects of the World View, sending to the stratosphere of tourists, but this time the company has only trusted chicken hamburger. However, the company's heads believe that the paradoxical idea of ​​the launch of food from KFC is a great way to attract the attention of the whole world to your new Stratollite balloon.

Before sending, the hamburger was packed in a hermetic capsule, and then the anestat rose to a height of 23, 5 km. Initially, it was planned that food from KFC will stay in the stratosphere to four days, however, because of the breakdowns in the electronic system, it was decided to return it to the ground after 17 hours after takeoff.

In the future, Stratollite plan to use to study hard-to-reach atmospheric layers, where both flights on aircraft and satellite basing are difficult. It is assumed that the aerostat with solar batteries will be able to be at an altitude of up to 46 km for several weeks.