Artificial "black hole" at the Olympics in Pyonchhan

What is this - a failure in space-time in the middle of the Olympic city of Pyonchhan? No, this is a building that is created from the black thing today is a substance called Vantablack.

In one of the previous articles, we have already described this amazing material and its properties by absorption of 99% falling on the surface of light.

Now the British architect Azif Khan and the company engaged in the production of Vantablack decided to show a unique material to the general public. For this, they were covered with "Vanubak" the facade of one of the temporary Olympic pavilions.

On top view, white lights were added, which are designed to imitate the star light, as if the failure of the failure leading to the outer space immediately. There, where the lights of the "stars" are not, the observer's view will meet the absolute black.


Interestingly, the walls of the building are actually concave, but it is possible to make sure that you can only approach the construction closely.