Fisherman caught strange prey, but not confused

A very unusual case occurred in the city of Bezhetsk, which is in the Tver region. On February 4, a local resident went to the lake to go fishing, but instead of fish on his fishing rod, someone else fell ...

Imagine a surprise of a fisherman when he pulled the tackle from the wells and saw a frightened stuffing stuff!

The man used the glitter in the hope of catching a large pike, but, apparently, the animal took a brilliant bait for a small fish.

The fisherman was extremely surprised by such an unusual catch, but he was not confused.

The man immediately tried to free the poor man from the sharp hook. To do this, he used a special tool. The otter was so frightened that it practically did not resist.

A minute later, the fisherman managed to extract the hook, while not causing animal other damage. Fortunately, the otter could not fully swallow the bait.

After that, the man immediately let go of the animal back into the water. An animal has per few seconds, and then instantly disappeared under the ice.

Fisherman told about this case on social networks. Many people were worried about the poor animal, but after came to the conclusion, most likely, the otter was separated only by fright.

The fact is that these animals are hunting under water on small fish. Often, their prey become perch and rams that have very sharp fins. Curlers of the oral cavity - the usual case for otter.

Wounds from these underwater predators are heal rather quickly, so it is not worth worrying.

We hope that with this pretty animal is really all good, and next time it will be more attentive!

Source: MUR.TV