What is the maximum speed developed by man?

Speed ​​limit that modern science knows - 299 792 458 m / s. How close is the person able to get closer to this bar? Of course, the maximum speed person reached in space, where there is no air resistance. This happened on May 26, 1969 upon returning to the land of astronauts the Mission "Apollo 10". At an altitude of 121, 9 km above sea level, the spacecraft accelerated to a speed of 39897 km / h or 11, 08 km / s. The crew of Eugene Sernan, Thomas Stafford and John Yang safely returned to Earth safely. In the future, Eugene Sernan and Thomas Stafford participated in landings on the moon in the Apollo-16 and Apollo-17 programs, respectively (more in the article "How many people visited the moon?").

The mission "Apollo-10" was a general rehearsal before the first in the history of a man's landing on the moon. The astronauts have been practiced maneuvers on the lunar orbit, carried out the operation of radar, inspected the place to land the future expedition, and also took photos and video filming of the moon surface. The entire flight lasted 8 days 0 hours 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

This is interesting: the maximum speed of the manual object is 17, 26 km / s. To such a value, the Space Agency "Voyager-1" was accepted, which was now out of the solar system, and the signal released from the probe to the Earth with the speed of the world would have achieved 18 hours as of the beginning of 2015.

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