Titanoboa - the biggest snake on the planet

Titanoboa is the greatest snake ever living on Earth. Fortunately, to meet with her somewhere in the rainforest no longer be possible - representatives of this gigantic type have become extinct about 60 million years ago.

Titanoboa remains were found on one of the world's largest coal deposits called Serrehon, which is in a hundred kilometers from the coast of the Caribbean. Serrekhon is famous not only by its minerals, but also that during the work there are constantly discovering the remains of animals of the beginning of the Cenozoic era, which began approximately 66 million years ago. In those days, local climatic conditions were different: moisture, heat and abundance of food contributed to the fact that animals and plants grew to huge sizes that do not compete with their modern contemporary.

Over the past 20 years, scientists constantly find the remains of animals, similar to modern in structure, but only several times more. Once they found some of the huge vertebra, according to which it was possible to determine that once he belonged to the snake. Also embarrassed only one - gigantic even for these places size.

A little later, the guessed of scientists was confirmed - the fossil really belonged to the snake of giant sizes and after a long month of neat excavations were able to not only completely collect the monster skeleton, but also to find his skull, which made it possible to learn how the animal was hunted and fed.

After analyzing the data obtained, the researchers came to the conclusion that the Snake Monster was 13 meters in length, and its weight could exceed one ton. Most likely, the hunt took place as follows: Titanoboa has long waited for his sacrifice in the water, and then quickly let down rings and, as a modern boa, slowly strangled.

Like modern snakes, Titanoboa was cold-blooded, but in the conditions of hot and wet climate of Colombia, where the temperature of 60 million years ago reached 40s, the snake giant felt excellent.

Now the layout of a prehistoric monster in 1 to 1 format, as well as the reconstruction of the skeleton of Titanoboa can be seen at the exhibitions organized by the US Smithsonian Institute.

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illustration: photo exhibitions Smithstone Institute ( US ). Titanoboa devouring Prehistoric Crocodile . Model Made in scale 1: 1.