Mini Museum. The smallest museum in the world

Now, to go to the museum, do not even leave the house. And we are not talking about the technologies of virtual reality, "carrying" users in the 3D premises of the museums of the world. We are talking about a real museum, which you can visit at any time. More precisely, hold in your hands. After all, he is so small, which will fit on the bookshelf. But its dimensions do not at all affect the value of the exhibits presented in it.

It all started with the fact that in the hands of the eleven-year-old Hans Feks (the future creator of the mini-museum) hit the fossil bone of the dinosaur. Since then, he decided to collect a collection of rare and unique artifacts. For particularly rare copies of Hans, had to post large amounts of money that he was not so easily got. Over time, collecting from the hobby turned into a serious occupation, and at the same time the idea came to share artifacts along with the world. But before implementing an idea of ​​life, it was necessary to make sure that all the extracted elements are not fake. For this, Hans Feks did a great job: he consulted with archaeologists and specialists around the world, held a huge number of laboratory research and materials tests. Of course, getting all the necessary certificates cost a round sum - about $ 300, 000. But the cost of Hans paid off: putting the idea of ​​a mini-museum at the Kickstarter startup, he attracted more than a million dollar investment in his project. This money was enough to organize the production of mini museums and the company for their sale.

Each small transparent rectangle contains 26 unique artifacts collected from the entire planet and even from space! Among them:

  • Particle of a meteorite from the belt of asteroids, age 4, 5 billion years;
  • Cruppers of dust from the Martian atmosphere, which flew to the ground with a meteorite;
  • A piece of vertebra of DIMETRON - a huge lizard, which lived about 280 million years ago, before the dinosaur era;
  • Footage of ammonites - the oldest charts of mollusks;
  • Dinosaur petrified leather, age of 80 million years;
  • Slice of the microcircuit of the world's first supercomputer, worth tens of millions of dollars;
  • And much more ...

The official website of the Mini Museum.