The biggest music body in the world

The authority is one of the most ancient musical instruments. The first prototypes of wind musical instruments appeared in ancient Mesopotamia. Mention of the instruments similar to the body are found in the cultures of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, but its modern form of the body acquired during the Middle Ages.

The art of building organs in those times has rapidly developed in Italy, France and Germany. The musical instrument increased more and more in size, so it was started to embed in the church, and a team of several people should be engaged during the game during the game. It can be assumed to make an impression on the medieval listener an organ: from the majestic sound of his pipes on the body runs to a shiver, and thoughts are carried away somewhere far ... Even the small body in the chapel admires the widest sounds, but real giants cause the greatest interest among the kings of musical instruments, Mounted in concert halls.

The largest body in the world is considered tool in the concert hall of Bordok in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This body, built in 1932, has 33, 112 pipes and is a record holder immediately in several nominations: "The largest body", "the largest musical instrument in the world" and "the most loud musical instrument in the world." And these are quite valid: at a distance of one meter from its pipes, the volume of sound can reach 120 dB - enough to feel pain in the ears. To pump airflow in the pipe with a speed of 1050 cubic meters per minute, an electrical system with a capacity of 600 horsepower is used in the organ. Such a high volume is allowed for the concert hall, in which up to 42, 000 people can be collected in days of representations.

Unfortunately, the largest organ in the world is not as often as the audience would like. The active period of concerts with its use continued until 1944, when a destructive hurricane, which collapsed on Atlantic City, inflicted significant damage to the concert hall and the authority itself. Since then, the musical instrument of the Bordok concert hall was reconstructed and gave several concerts per year. The last time during a public speech was used in 1973, after which for a long time the body was conserved.

In 1988, experts examined the tool and recognized his poor technical condition, after which the long restoration period began. Only in 2013 after a long period of silence, the pipes of the body again sprouted in front of the audience. However, the restoration of the part of the pipes of the largest musical instrument in the world continues to this day.