How many people visited the moon?

On July 20, 1969, a person first stepped on another heavenly body. Along with the first flight of a person in space, this event is one of the key in the whole world history. Human intelligence, will and curiosity helped to open a new cosmic era.

The most famous people who visited the moon, of course, were those who were the first to land. They were Nile Armstrong and Edwin Oldrin. But members of the crew "Apollo-11" are not the only ones who visited our satellite. In total, 12 astronauts were visited on the surface of the moon for six landings.

Apollo-11, July 20, 1969

Neil Armstrong; Edwin Oldrin

Six hours after grave, Neil Armstrong - the first person on the moon - said his famous phrase: "That`s one Small Step for a man, One Giant Leap for Mankind" (this is one small step for man, but a huge step for humanity) . Oldrin and Neil were on the surface of the moon 2, 5 hours. And if Armstrong was the first person who pulled down to another heavenly body, then Oldrin became the first person who slept on another heavenly body. Of course, in a special reservoir in the scaffle.

Apollo-12, November 19, 1969

Charles Conrad; Alan Bean

After the successful first man falling on the moon, the second flight soon followed. Charles Conrad made a walk through the moon last 3 hours of 39 minutes, during which the samples of the lunar soil assembled and made an experiment with the sunshine. Alan Bin spent on the surface of the moon 2 hours 58 minutes. Its task was to place the camera on the surface to pass on the ground a color picture with video filming of our satellite. However, during the installation, the lens of the camera was sent a few seconds towards the Sun, because of which she fell out of order, so earthlings remained to be content with photographs of the lunar surface.

Apollo-14, February 5, 1971

Alan Shepard; Edgar Mitchell

On the first day of staying on the Moon, Shepard was outside the ship within 4 hours of 49 minutes, setting the scientific equipment and collecting stones from the surface. On the second day of staying on the Moon Mitcell and Shepard, Mitepard journey to the Kohron's latter nearby and installed scientific instruments on the surface of the moon. Their exit lasted 4 hours 35 minutes.

Apollo-15, July 31, 1971

David Scott; James Irwin

The "Apollo-15" mission provided for on the lunar surface for 3 days. The astronauts first slept in the lunar module without spacers, and on the surface traveled on a specially constructed lunar rover. Therefore, it is not surprising that the time of finding David Scott and James on the surface of the Earth's satellite is more than 18 and a half hours. The total distance that astronauts drove on Lubomobil is 27, 76 km, and the maximum travel speed reached 13 km / h.

Apollo-16, April 20, 1972

Charles Duke; John Young

Astronauts remained outside the lunar module a total of 20 hours of 15 minutes. In this mission, a record was established by the mass of scientific instruments delivered to the moon - as many as 563 kg. Charles and John were on our satellite for 3 days, and the result of their work was traveling to the mountains of Stone and Smoky, Krastra the north beam and collecting samples of the lunar soil.

Apollo-17, December 11, 1972

Eugene Sernan; Harrison Schmitt

Apollo -17 - the last one is currently flying to the moon, during which people landed on the surface. The crew installed two records at once: the maximum amount of soil samples brought to the Earth - 110, 5 kg, and the longest time on the surface of the moon - 22 hours 3 minutes.

It is interesting: The total cost of all the "Apollonov" missions amounted to about $ 136 billion in 2005. Due to the reduction of the budget, Apollo-18, Apollo-19 and Apollo-20 programs were canceled.


It is often necessary to hear that the landing on the moon was falsified by the Americans in order to force the USSR to spend huge sums on the space program and, ultimately, ruin it. Sometimes it seems that people screaming that the "Apollo-11" mission was removed in Hollywood pavilions, they simply forget or do not know about the existence of five lunar lunaries whose veracity is no doubt. In our deep conviction, such events and achievements do not have political and national borders. It is necessary to stop maintaining stupid disputes and move together to meet new discoveries and worlds that are waiting for a person in distant space.