What is the distance to the most distant galaxy?

In May 2015, the Hubble telescope was recorded the outbreak of the most distant, and hence the oldest famous galaxy today. The radiation required as much as 13, 1 billion light years to reach the Earth and be fixed by our equipment. According to scientists calculations, the Galaxy was born about 690 million after a large explosion.

It would be possible to think that if the light from the Galaxy EGS-ZS8-1 (namely, such an elegant name assigned to her scientists) flew to us 13, 1 billion years old, then the distance to her will be equal to the one that the light will pass for these 13, 1 billion years.

But you can not forget some of the features of the device of our world, which will greatly affect the calculation of the distance. The fact is that the universe is expanding, and does it with acceleration. It turns out until the light was 13, 1 billion years before our planet, the space expanded more and more, and the galaxy was removed from us faster and faster. The visual process is shown in the figure below.

Given the expansion of space, the most distant Galaxy EGS-ZS8-1 is currently from us about 30, 1 billion light years, which is a record among all other similar objects. Interestingly, until a certain point, we will find more and more distant galaxies, the light of which has not yet reached our planet. It is safe to say that the record of the Galaxy EGS-ZS8-1 will be broken in the future.

It is interesting: often an incorrect idea of ​​the size of the universe occurs. Its width is compared with her age, which is 13, 79 billion years. It does not take into account that the universe is expanding with acceleration. By approximate estimates, the diameter of the visible universe is 93 billion light years. But there is an invisible part of the universe, which will never be able to see. More information about the size of the universe and invisible galaxies in the article "What is the visible universe and we see the whole universe immediately".