L`s-o-medical station - Viking settlement in America

The official date of opening of America is 1492 AD, when Christopher Columbus first stepped on the lands of the new continent. However, modern archaeological finds forced many historians to griely admit that America was opened by Europeans for 400 years earlier - in the Epoch of Vikings. L'Aans-O-Meduse - found an ancient settlement of Vikings in Canada - Nakhodka, which probably puts a point in disputes about the opening of America's Vikings.

In fact, the fact that the Vikings visited the territory of modern Canada - no longer a secret for anyone. This is written in detail in their chronicles. It all started with the fact that about 860 AD. Medieval Scandinavian navigators during swimming west opened the island, most of which were covered with ice, and called it Iceland ("Ice country"), based on the colony there and organizing trade with the continent. Somehow times the rook of the Vikings, heading for Iceland, because of the storm came down from the course, and her team was thrown off the west, where they saw the island, which is now called Greenland. Returning to his tribesmen, the team confused from the course of the ship told about the new lands seen. Rumors about new lands heard the famous Norwegian Viking Eric Redhead, who, together with his team, organized the research of the North-Western lands, and after a long swimming really discovered the island called by Greenland. Returning to the continent, Eric gathered volunteers to colonize the new land, and in 986 the group of immigrants landed on the shores of Greenland, where he founded the colony and set up trade with Scandinavia.

This is interesting: Translated Greenland means "Green Earth". There is a bewilderment, why are such non-smart cold lands named Eric's digging "green earth"? There are two versions on this. Perhaps during the Middle Ages the climate in those places was softer, so Eric Redheads could well see the shores of the island in the summer season, overgrown with green trees. According to another version, the scandinaving such an attractive name simply "advertised" the place among other Vikings to induce them for the organization of the colony.

Based on the settlement on the island of Greenland, Vikings sooner or later would certainly discovery the land of North America. This happened at the very end of the first millennium of our era, when one of the ships came down from the course and discovered new lands. Soon several expeditions were sent to them and about 1000 AD. On the Earth of the New World entered the first European - Leif Erickson - the son of Erica Redhead.

Winland - that was the so called the land of North America in the writings of Scandinavian scraps. Of these, we learn the history of the colonization of Greenland by Eric Ginger (which was subsequently confirmed by radiocarbon analysis of archaeological finds) and the opening of new territories outside of Greenland. The records also say that the Vikings took two attempts to establish colonies on new lands, but both of them ended. Probably the reason for the outcome of Europeans from the shores of Winlands served as shocks with local tribes and internal differences. Later, the Vikings left with the Island of Greenland (most likely, because of the climate changed towards the cooling).

Until recently, Viking Sagy about Winland was considered fiction, although very believable. Basically, due to the fact that archaeologists could not find any traces of European settlements dated 1000 AD. Researcher Helge Marcus Ingest, all his life tried to discover the settlement of the Viking, which should have been established on the east coast of North America. Finally, in 1960, luck turned to the researcher. In a small village of L`s-o-medical seeds, traces of forges, dugouts, bronze fasteners and rivets were discovered. Immediately an assumption that was the most settlement that was founded by Leif Erickson. Currently, the Viking Settlement on American Continent is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is under special protection as a unique historical monument and one of the most important evidence of visiting Vikings of the American coast long to Christopher Columbus.

It is interesting: Another confirmation of visits to Vikingami America is the remains of a girl found in Iceland and studied in 2011. It turned out that the age of the remains dates from about 1000 years and they have Indian origin. Perhaps with this finding archaeologists discovered the first American, which produced in the European continent, sailing back in the Viking Roil.

illustration: Richard Benning