What is environmentally friendly: plastic or paper bags?

Purchase of paper bags has long been familiar in Western Europe and the United States, but in recent years the popularity of eco-friendly paper packages has increased and with us.

As a rule, paper bags are more expensive than plastic, and they can carry much smaller weight. In this regard, the idea constantly flashes in the head - and would not be it would be better to buy an ordinary plastic bag, which is cheaper, and more practical? And if you analyze the peculiarities of the production of paper bags, it turns out that they cause no less harm to environmentally than plastic.

Of the above figures, it is quite clear that the production of paper bags is more harmful and requires much more resources than the production of plastic bags, which means that the power plants will burn more coal, the river will fall into several liters of polluted water more, and several more people will disappear from the face of the earth trees.

But still, paper bags have one weighty advantage - they are safe for the animal world. If you throw a paper bag somewhere in the forest (which, of course, should not be done), then it is unlikely to cause the nature of the damage except for the spoiled landscape. The plastic package is dangerous primarily for the inhabable animal forests, which, by chance, swallowing it, are doomed to death. And the plastic packages are much longer decomposed (more in the article "How long is plastic decomposes?") And many harmful substances are isolated.

A clear awareness of what a package is in the end eco-friendly, not yet. But if the production of impractical paper bags requires tremendous costs and leaves after a multitude of waste, may be focused on the production of plastic multiple use packages, sending efforts to further process their further processing and preventing from entering wildlife?