What is a great silk path?

The Great Silk Road ... The famous caravan route associated East Asia and the Mediterranean countries. According to this small string, the merchants have grown invalid silk, sophisticated decorations and spices, which are valued by gold weight.

The Great Silk Road took its beginning from the state Xian to the West, where the road was then split into the North and South. The first merchants appeared on this route in the 2nd century to D.E. Chinese merchants were taken to the Middle East of Silk and Jewelry, exchanging them on the thoroughbred scakunas, dancers, weapons and useful minerals. Silk - Easy, not occupying a lot of location, was an ideal product for transportation. In Europe, he became a real salvation from annoying insects. It is thanks to this material a trading path and got its name.

Permanent wars between the West and East expanded the knowledge of civilizations in each other, and the caravans of Asian merchants began to come farther and further to the west, making more and more trading routes.

Gradually, a small trading road turned into a huge river of civilizations, and there were many of whom on her ways, many of which are also known to this day: Samarkand, Bukhara, Otel, Khiva, Rubnch.

During its greatest heyday, the Great Silk Road was almost 13, 000 km, and to reach from one end to another, the caravan was required at least a year.

To go on a journey through the Great Silk Road, it was necessary to be excluded by a brave person. In addition to the frequent attacks of robbers, people exacerbated unbearable heat that permeate the wind and piercing cold.

In the 15th century, after the start of the geographical discoveries and finding the sea route from the Persian Gulf to China, more and more merchants began to give preference to sea transport, which traveled to the target twice as fast and could take on board the cargo comparable to the cargo, which carried several hundred Camels. Gradually, the land route became unnecessary and declined.

This is interesting: one of the most successful periods of the Great Silk Road is the time of Mongolian conquest, when almost all the length of the trading route turned out to be in the possessions of Genghis Khan and his descendants. The Mongols strictly followed the security of merchants and introduced a number of laws stimulating trade, so for many years the Great Silk Road again became the main artery connecting the East with the West.

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