The most terrible drinks in the world

"I wouldn't drink it for anything, " you think, looking at an unloved drink. Would you be able to drink drinks from the list below?

Wine with mouse (Mouse Wine)

This "souvenir" can be bought in many countries of Southeast Asia, however, China and Korea is considered homeland. The drink, infused on the mice of the age of 2-3 days, causes vomit for the majority of Europeans, but the peoples of Asia is something like an invigorating tonic.

Molort (Jeppson's Malört)

And if the wine with mice is terribly, and the taste is very different (according to the words that I tried it), then the Molort - I havenaken on the wormwood Scandinavian Schnaps fortress 35% - truly is the most terrible alcoholic beverage in the world. Mandrels who fastened their molort say that his disgusting taste (a mixture of magnificent rubber, turbidar, liquid for embalming and other "pleasant" things) will chase their lifetime.

Fijjtu beer

The African plant that made this drink was closed in 2003, but they say that some bottles are still preserved. The basis of beer - water filled with parasites. The frequent consumption of such beer caused hellish pain in the head, bloody diarrhea and the brightest hallucinations. Theer is more important that the plant for the production of this beer was able to work as much as 5 years.

Gilpin Family Whisky

Briton Daimi Gilpine can proudly call itself the founder of the company for the production of whiskey. "It all started with my grandmother ..." - Perhaps this is what he will write in a few years in the history of his success. But only many will be horrified by learning that the main component of Gilpin Family Whisky, which is preparing exclusively under the order, is the urine of older people suffering from diabetes. And the first temples made by him were based on the urine of his grandmother.

Sourtoe Cocktail

Another drink "on the amateur" is served at the Sourtoe Cocktail Club bar (Dawson, Canada). The main ingredient of the cocktail is the real human finger (not the first freshness), which is poured by any drink. Obelchka, who managed to dry out the container and touch the lips of the cherished finger, becomes an honorary member of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. The test finger is provided by the administration (reusable) or can be brought with it.


The main ingredients of this Korean drink are medicinal herbs, as well as human and animals of feces that roam together about 3-4 months. I do not like? Perhaps you will arrange a more traditional recipe for this drink, which uses exclusively children's feces.

illustration: | Jenny Downing